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When you’ve got rubbish piling up on your property, it’s always a good idea to call a professional Richmond junk removal company. You’ll otherwise not only have an eyesore to look at, but those rubbish piles can attract rodents, affecting your health. Animals, kids and even adults can get injured by unsteady or broken rubbish. Dumping illegally can get you fined $1,000 by Richmond bylaws. And not only that, Richmond incentivizes reporting of illegal dumping with a $200 reward upon conviction…so you can bet your neighbours are watching.

But not to worry. Junk Rangers is an easy, fast and affordable way to get rid of your junk. Our crew also makes the entire process as easy as possible on you, while never over-charging or adding hidden fees into our service.

We’ve gotten great testimonials on places like Yelp, Facebook and Homestars. We take the hassle out of junk removal, saving you time, and keeping your space safe.

Take advantage of weight-based billing, so you know exactly what Richmond junk removal will cost you (and sometimes save money too!)

Our billing system for junk removal prices is relatively new in the industry, and few other providers are doing it. You see, our trucks come with government-certified scales right on them. We don’t have to take our loads to a weight station to have them tell us what junk weighs. We simply load up our customer’s junk on the truck, and it gives us a reading right away, on the spot. That translates into a lot of transparency in the way we bill our Richmond junk removal customers. We can’t lie about the price, and we don’t ‘eyeball’ it either.

We have a price per pound, and the more your junk weighs, the less you pay per pound. While at first this may seem like a hard-to-guage way of knowing in advance what your junk removal costs are going to be, it’s actually not.

You see, we’ve done this a lot, and we generally know what the typical weight of rubbish will turn out to be once it’s loaded on our truck. We can even give you an estimate over the phone or by email, if you send us a photo.

But when Richmond junk removal companies charge by volume taken up in a truck, sure it’s more ‘visual,’ but the end costs can be more questionable than if they are weight-based. You see, something like a couch actually wouldn’t take up as much space if it were flattened and taken apart. Same with a dresser, or filing cabinets.

So in effect, in those systems, you’d be paying for space – literally air – to have your junk removed. That could cost more than a weight-based billing system, in some cases.

We don’t like vague billing standards. We like a system that is more exact. That’s why we use weight-based billing for our junk removal services.

Need to donate furniture to charities? Want to make sure your junk pickup items are recycled? Our service handles all of that, and we’re efficient at it too

If you’re looking for a furniture removal service along with your junk collection, we are the guys for you. You’ll be happy to know we care for our community and the environment when we do our job. It happens behind the scenes, with extra hours we put in that you don’t have to worry about, and aren’t charged for.

For example, we:

Donate reusable materials to charities. For instance, the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Worried that those vintage, second-hand stores are producing more waste than needed? We’ve seen the news, and thought of that too. We have other local spots we distribute goods to, to make sure less is going into landfills after it leaves your doorstep. And yes, we do all that driving and dropping off of things! Charities don’t have to do it.

Sort through rubbish to find recyclable material. Did you know that couches and mattresses contain wood and metal springs that can be recycled? Those, and other things ‘hidden’ in your junk are valuable to recycling stations. So it’s true, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Sure, you could maybe earn a few bucks by selling metal yourself. But think of how hard it would be for you to take apart your scraps and deliver item-by-item to the right places. Our service does that for you. Out of sight, out of mind!

Use a transfer station that does a final sweep to catch items that aren’t waste. You may not realize, but when we take junk to a transfer station, we get billed by a service provider too. It’s all part of the overhead of running a junk removal business. And so, we use providers that can help us with the recycling process, by providing their feet on the ground to go through the remaining junk we bring them. Only the truly necessary goes to a landfill.

Residential Junk Removal

Commercial Junk Removal

Construction & Renovation


There are barely any limitations on junk we take for Richmond residents

The City of Richmond does have some limited large item pick up services. But they’re not easy to use, and the city’s regular waste removal program won’t take everything. On the other hand, our limits are based only on a few regulations and safety hazards. It’s rare we can’t help you with any type of junk removal job you throw at us. Here are samples of junk we collect:

Residential junk removal for:

  • Couch removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Bed removal
  • Other home or office furniture removal
  • Appliance removal (both large and small)
  • TV disposal or other electronic waste removal
  • Clothing donation pick ups
  • Garden rubbish removal

See the full list here!

Commercial junk removal for:

  • Office furniture removal
  • Filing cabinet and swivel chair removal
  • Old computer and electronic removal
  • Vending machine and staff room equipment pick up
  • Old toys and daycare materials pick up
  • Church basement clean outs
  • School storeroom clean outs
  • Strata land area clean ups

See the full list here!

Construction waste removal for:

  • Construction and building site debris
  • Tiles, cabinets, bathtubs, drywall (with proper certification), flooring, etc.
  • Scrap wood, plaster, paint buckets, tools, etc.
  • Making room for construction waste bins
  • Renovation material pick up

See the full list here!

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