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While rubbish removal companies may seem like a dime a dozen, with big guys and small guys all doing relatively the same thing, we think there is a difference you can notice. It comes in the way you are treated when a team arrives at your door to help you manage your waste removal. Our customers like talking about how well we’ve treated them on Yelp, Facebook and Homestars.

When we do junk removal in Vancouver, we pay attention to the little things that matter to you. For example we always:

  • Are available to answer your phone calls or e-mails, or to book your job as fast as possible (we even do same day junk removal).
  • Show up uniformed, well-groomed and smiling.
  • Bring our own tools and safety equipment for rubbish removal (we are ready to work as fast as possible, and you don’t need to provide us with anything but your junk!).
  • Go up and down stairs or elevators if you need us to.
  • Move furniture or objects out of our way, and then put them back to where they were.
  • Take care not to damage your space during junk removal services, and to clean up after ourselves.
  • Break down your junk for you, before it goes in our truck.
  • Arrive with a branded truck that’s big enough to carry your junk to a transfer station in as few trips as possible.
  • Let you pay by credit card, cash or cheque on site.
  • Let you watch the scale reading on the truck as the junk is piling on, so you see exactly what your junk weighs, and how much your fees will come to (no guesswork here!)

Our owner is also always around, in case you have questions, or are concerned about the management of the crew.

We service all areas and neighbourhoods in Vancouver with junk removal. These include Shaughnessey, Kitsilano, Granville Island, Downtown, Commercial Drive, Mount Pleasant, Marpole, Renfrew-Collingwood, and all the rest. For small spaces and alleyways, we know how to get our large truck to your door, or we carry your junk ourselves.

Enjoy our no-guesswork junk removal price system with weight-based billing, right on the truck!

We love using the government-certified scales on our trucks. They eliminate the need for guessing what your junk removal prices are. This is because, when Vancouver junk removal companies charge by volume taken up in their trucks, estimates can get ‘messy.’

How do you account for the gaps of space when junk removal crews aren’t piling things on efficiently? Are you paying for air? And what if you had taken the time to break down the material beforehand – would that make less space, and thus cost less, but take more of their time to pile up the truck?

We avoid that entire discussion. We believe it’s ethical, and way less confusing, to charge by weight, and not by volume. If you’re like us, you like knowing what you’re paying for with an exact system.

This system also removes the ability for scams and schemes. What our junk removal truck reads is what you pay at the end of the day, and you can see that weight reading for yourself.

If you’re not sure what your junk will weigh, we get it. We are happy to provide an estimate over the phone, or by e-mail if you send us a photo of your junk. We’re pretty accurate when you describe your junk, since we’ve done this a lot.

We do have a 300 lb minimum for junk pickup in Vancouver. To give you an idea, that’s about the accumulation of:

  • 1 couch plus a loveseat, a chair and coffee table
  • 6-10 big office swivel chairs
  • 3-4 full-size, 4-drawer metal filing cabinets
  • A pickup-truck-sized pile of scrap wood

The rate per pound also reduces when your junk weight increases. Check out our pricing page for more info.

The city wants zero waste, and our Vancouver junk removal company wants that too! We recycle or donate everything we can!

The City of Vancouver has been on a binge to get to zero-waste. We love the idea, and as always, have participated by recycling and donating materials on our junk removal trips. We try to keep as much junk as possible out of the landfills.

We practice ethical junk removal in a few ways:

  1. We donate reusable materials to charities like the Salvation Army, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or other local spots that can use your stuff. We’ve done our homework, and we’re well aware that charities fill up fast, creating more waste than our community intends. So we try to avoid that.
  2. We sort through junk to find recyclable material. Then we make sure that material is not going to waste, if recycling stations or specialized organizations can use them.
  3. We use a transfer station that builds waste sorting into its system, to catch any items we may have missed.

And, just like the city recommends, we don’t take food waste, as that can go into Vancouver’s Green Bin program.

Don’t forget that if you have large waste you don’t want, you can’t just drop it off on a roadside or leave it on your curb. Illegal dumping can cost you up to $10,000 in fines, according to the City of Vancouver’s website. So it’s best to call a professional junk removal company in Vancouver to help you get rid of rubbish, and to make sure it ends up in the right place. That makes it safer for the community, and the environment.

When you use hire us for junk removal in Vancouver, you can sleep sound at night, and stay guilt-free, knowing you haven’t harmed your community, or the environment in any unnecessary way.

Residential Junk Removal

Commercial Junk Removal

Construction & Renovation


Our junk removal in Vancouver doesn’t miss a thing (almost!)

While there are a few things we can’t take for various reasons, we do take most stuff. This is more than what the city’s garbage removal or recycling program would pick up for you, even if you have purchased larger bin size with the City of Vancouver. Here are some examples of junk we take:

Residential junk removal for:

  • Couch removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Bed removal
  • Other home or office furniture removal
  • Appliance removal (both large and small)
  • TV disposal or other electronic waste removal
  • Clothing donation pick ups
  • Garden rubbish removal

See the full list here!

Commercial junk removal for:

  • Office furniture removal
  • Filing cabinet and swivel chair removal
  • Old computer and electronic removal
  • Vending machine and staff room equipment pick up
  • Old toys and daycare materials pick up
  • Church basement clean outs
  • School storeroom clean outs
  • Strata land area clean ups

See the full list here!

Construction waste removal for:

  • Construction and building site debris
  • Tiles, cabinets, bathtubs, drywall (with proper certification), flooring, etc.
  • Scrap wood, plaster, paint buckets, tools, etc.
  • Making room for construction waste bins
  • Renovation material pick up

See the full list here!

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