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Junk Rangers is a small, locally-owned and independently run company offering junk removal in North Vancouver. Having opened in 2015, we’re slowly growing. But, despite our growth, we’re glad to say we haven’t lost our ‘personal’ touch when building relationships with our clients. We take pride in being the guys that show up with a friendly smile and eagerness to help.

While you may not want to do the dirty job of rubbish removal, we’re happy to. You never lift a finger with our service: we move stuff, pick it up, take it apart and haul it away.

Plus, our branded trucks and uniformed crew are large enough to handle both the big jobs and the small ones. We do same-day junk removal, and we don’t require curb-side pick up. We do junk removal in North Vancouver the way we’d want it done for ourselves: as a full service, no-hassle solution.

Rest assured knowing you’ll get fair junk removal prices and we won’t add on hidden fees

Fortunately for you, our pricing system makes it really hard to be unfair. That’s because we charge by weight, using government-certified, calibrated scales on our trucks. That’s right: what the scale says is what determines your junk removal price. There are no ‘ifs,’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ about it. Sounds reasonable, right? We think so!

What this means is that there is no ‘eyeballing’ to give you a price based on how much room is taken up in a truck. That system means you could be paying for air, if you think about it. But our rates are precise, so you know what you’re paying for.

If you’re not sure what your stuff will weigh, we can give you a ballpark estimate beforehand. Just email us a photo of your rubbish, or give us a call to describe it.


You’ll be speaking to a professional who knows how to give close estimates (likely the owner operator himself!). We won’t let you get confused by an inexperienced ‘office person.’

Dispose of your junk ethically! We take care of recycling and donating your unwanted rubbish

If it’s usable or recyclable, we won’t throw it away!

We work with local partners to help make sure we aren’t wasting material that can be reused or up-cycled. We care about the environment and our community, and we take this part of our job seriously.


We donate to charities like the Salvation Army and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We will sort through your junk, then make the extra trip to help our community.

When they are full, we still have extra local resources to ensure your unwanted furniture pick ups or other materials don’t go to waste (we’ve done our homework).

In addition (as a last resort), we choose a landfill station that helps catch anything recyclable we might have missed.

In short: you can be SURE your junk hauling job with Junk Rangers won’t keep you up at night! Don’t feel guilty; we’ll make sure what’s salvageable will be put to good use.

Residential Junk Removal

Commercial Junk Removal

Construction & Renovation


Use a one-stop shop for all your North Vancouver junk removal needs!

Our full-service junk removal services in North Vancouver include:

Residential junk removal for:

  • Couch removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Bed removal
  • Other home or office furniture removal
  • Appliance removal (both large and small)
  • TV disposal or other electronic waste removal
  • Clothing donation pick ups
  • Garden rubbish removal

See the full list here!

Commercial junk removal for:

  • Office furniture removal
  • Filing cabinet and swivel chair removal
  • Old computer and electronic removal
  • Vending machine and staff room equipment pick up
  • Old toys and daycare materials pick up
  • Church basement clean outs
  • School storeroom clean outs
  • Strata land area clean ups

See the full list here!

Construction waste removal for:

  • Construction and building site debris
  • Tiles, cabinets, bathtubs, drywall (with proper certification), flooring, etc.
  • Scrap wood, plaster, paint buckets, tools, etc.
  • Making room for construction waste bins
  • Renovation material pick up

See the full list here!

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