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When you hire Junk Rangers for junk removal in Burnaby, you’re choosing to work with a local, independent and owner-operated company. For you, that means a crew that cares what you think, and tries to make its customers happy. We also get to know your name, because we want you to get to know ours!We know that the better we handle our rubbish removal jobs, the more you’ll talk about us. That’s how we got rave reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Homestars so far. We think we’ll keep up this motto of being the smiley guys who like cleaning up your space!In addition to being just generally nice for a junk removal company in Burnaby, we also:

  • Take care to show up on time, and complete your junk pickup in as few trips as possible
  • Do same-day rubbish removal if needed
  • Bring safety gear and equipment to flatten and haul your junk away
  • Come with full insurance and WCB coverage, just in case
  • Clean up after ourselves and put back anything we had to move to do our job
  • Allow you to pay by credit card on site, cash or cheque
  • Go up and down elevators or stairs, such as with apartment junk removal jobs
  • Recycle and donate to avoid unnecessary waste buildup in our landfills
  • Use the rubbish removal company with a ‘fair and square’ pricing model, charging by weight and not by volume

Use the rubbish removal company with a ‘fair and square’ pricing model, charging by weight and not by volume

When you are charged by weight and not space taken up in a truck, you are avoiding potential overcharges by junk removal companies in Burnaby. Let us explain:

Rubbish material – whether it be commercial, construction or residential – can be bulky and boxy. That means big items not yet flattened or taken apart will take up more room in a truck. But that doesn’t mean they need to. One couch broken down is not the same volume as one couch disassembled.

So how do you charge for that? In essence, in a volume-based pricing model, you can’t. You have to guess, based on someone’s judgement, what the cost of junk removal will be.

But when you base junk removal prices on weight, getting rid of the bulky couch suddenly doesn’t cost as much as you’d think it would. This is because you don’t pay for ‘air space’ in this system. You only pay based on what your junk weighs.

Our trucks come with government-certified scales on them. You see what your junk weighs as it’s being piled up, on site. You also get a print out of the scale’s reading. The way we price our junk removal is totally transparent and fair.

We provide no-commitment estimates over the phone, or by email, if you’re not sure what your junk will weigh. We’ve done this a lot, so we can get pretty close to the actual cost when we do arrive on scene to remove your junk.

Give us a call, and we’d be happy to help get you an idea of cost before we arrive:


Recycle, donate and sort through your junk without having to lift a finger! Our Burnaby junk removal services do that all for you!

Our company goes to great lengths to ensure your junk removal job is done responsibly. After we drive off your lot, our job is still not done! We later sort through your rubbish and drop it off at locations appropriate for recycling, donation or safe disposal.

These sites include charities like the Salvation Army, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or other local spots that can make sure your furniture is reused. We also go to recycling depots and use a landfill that can catch extra recyclable material we may have missed.

While the City of Burnaby does have a program for large item pickups, they won’t necessarily take everything you have to get rid of. Plus, in general, their banned items list means you can’t just throw away certain types of waste. And, if your rubbish is heavy, the city won’t come inside to help you carry it away; you have to bring it to the curb.

That’s the advantage of hiring a professional waste removal company; we do it all for you! And there’s hardly anything we’ll reject.

Residential Junk Removal

Commercial Junk Removal

Construction & Renovation

See Our Scaled Truck Pricing Model

Get rid of it easily and quickly! Our company does all kinds of junk removal in Burnaby

We’re not limited in our junk removal services; we do it all! Here is a sampling of what we can help you get rid of in the city of Burnaby:

Residential junk removal for:

  • Couch removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Bed removal
  • Other home or office furniture removal
  • Appliance removal (both large and small)
  • TV disposal or other electronic waste removal
  • Clothing donation pick ups
  • Garden rubbish removal

See the full list here!

Commercial junk removal for:

  • Office furniture removal
  • Filing cabinet and swivel chair removal
  • Old computer and electronic removal
  • Vending machine and staff room equipment pick up
  • Old toys and daycare materials pick up
  • Church basement clean outs
  • School storeroom clean outs
  • Strata land area clean ups

See the full list here!

Construction waste removal for:

  • Construction and building site debris
  • Tiles, cabinets, bathtubs, drywall (with proper certification), flooring, etc.
  • Scrap wood, plaster, paint buckets, tools, etc.
  • Making room for construction waste bins
  • Renovation material pick up

See the full list here!

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Pricing starts at $0.26/lb. See our weight-based pricing model here.

Payments accepted: cash & credit card (+ cheques for commercial junk removal).

Call Junk Rangers for your Burnaby junk removal needs!

Junk removal in Burnaby is just a phone call away! Dial our toll-free number, or book online today!



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What do locals say about our junk removal service? Here are Burnaby, and surrounding-area testimonials from around the web

“Great service! Best price I could find, responded to my emails quickly, picked up when I wanted it and were very polite. I would use them again”
Amelia, 2016-11
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Title: “Great Service. Great Rates. What More Can You Ask For?”
“I called to ask about getting rid of an old sofa and chair and was quoted a far lower price than anyone else I talked to. (Charging by weight makes far more sense than charging by how much room your junk takes up on the truck like other companies since that’s how the transfer station does it.) Before I got off the phone I’d received email confirmation of my appointment the very next day. They showed up on time and not only did they cheerfully and efficiently get rid of the sofa and chair but some other items I’d added as well – all for a great price. This is the first time I’ve needed to use a junk removal service but I can’t imagine anyone doing it better. Thanks Kevin!”
Bill in Coquitlam, Coquitlam, BC 2017-04-22
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“Just had Junk Rangers come by and grab a bunch of stuff from my garage. On time and very friendly. All in all it was 515 pounds of stuff out of my garage and I was surprised by how affordable it was. I’ll be recommending them to my friends for sure.”
Devin Misner, 2016-04-16
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Title: “Moving Recycle.”
“Excellent service! Fast and reliable. They come on time and manage to get all the recycle stuff away in such a short time.”
Tim L., Burnaby, BC, 2017-06-28
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