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We love being small, locally-owned and operated. It means our junk removal in Delta is personable and focused on building relationships with our customers. Our aim is to see a smile on your face when you see us, because we are smiling.

Being a dedicated waste removal company, we’re passionate about doing our job professionally and with great customer service. It’s what gets you talking about us to your friends and colleagues. So far, that effort has done us well, as you can see by our excelling reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Homestars.

You never have to worry about ‘helping’ us do our job. As a junk removal company in Delta, we know what you’re paying for, and what you expect: full service.

We bring the tools, equipment, trucks and crew to get your job done completely. And we’ll go the extra mile to help you move things out of the way (and put them back), break down materials that are too bulky, or go up and down elevators or stairs.

We also know the importance of time management in our business; we show up on time, and we work efficiently. We even do same-day junk removal if you need us to.

Our trucks are large enough to carry 3 tonnes of rubbish. That’s a lot of junk! It means we can do the big jobs in fewer trips, making our service faster than if you just had a pickup truck.

Go with the fair system for junk removal prices in Delta: we charge by weight, not by space

Your junk may take up ⅓ of a junk removal truck, or it could be ½. It’s hard to tell when things are bulky and creating gaps of space. That difference of space could be way less if the material were broken down, flattened and organized in a truck, right?

That’s why we don’t charge by the space your rubbish takes up in our truck. We charge by weight. This often results in lower prices than you’d imagine, since your junk probably doesn’t weigh as much as you think. It’s a ‘fair and square’ system for coming up with a junk removal price.

Our trucks come with government-certified scales that show you exactly how much your junk weighs, as it’s being loaded. You also get a print out of the cost. It’s fully transparent.

Not sure how much your junk will weigh? No problem. You can give us a call, and speak with an experienced, friendly professional. We’d be happy to provide an estimate. Those estimates get clearer when you are able to send us a photo of your junk by email – so we may ask you for that too, if you have it.


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Save time and serve your community by hiring our Delta junk removal services

Sure, you could probably try to do junk removal in Delta all on your own. But imagine what that would take if you wanted to do it responsibly. You’d not only need a truck, but the ability to sort through material to donate and recycle what can be salvaged. Then, you’d have to drive to the spots that accept certain types of material, and they’re not all neighbouring each other in Metro Vancouver!

If you dump illegally in Delta such as at a park or by leaving junk on the curb, you could face a $500 fine, plus the cost of clean up! People do get caught, too. And, while some cities have limited programs to pick up larger household junk (like Delta’s Spring Cleanup day), they won’t accept everything. They also won’t go into your house to help you lift heavy things, or organize junk. But we do.

Our service makes this job much more efficient. Not only is our 12-foot truck able to handle more per load, our crew is trained in spotting goods that can be donated to charity or recycled.

We have special spots for taking things that can be reused. We work with the Salvation Army and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Or, we send household goods to locations that can make sure unwanted furniture won’t go to waste (since charities can get full).

We also take materials to traditional transfer stations and recycling depots that can use raw materials, or safely dispose of the true waste.

Residential Junk Removal

Commercial Junk Removal

Construction & Renovation


Call our all-in-one Delta junk removal service for help clearing out any type of site!

Our junk removal services in Delta include the following types of clear out:

Residential junk removal for:

  • Couch removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Bed removal
  • Other home or office furniture removal
  • Appliance removal (both large and small)
  • TV disposal or other electronic waste removal
  • Clothing donation pick ups
  • Garden rubbish removal

See the full list here!

Commercial junk removal for:

  • Office furniture removal
  • Filing cabinet and swivel chair removal
  • Old computer and electronic removal
  • Vending machine and staff room equipment pick up
  • Old toys and daycare materials pick up
  • Church basement clean outs
  • School storeroom clean outs
  • Strata land area clean ups


See the full list here!

Construction waste removal for:

  • Construction and building site debris
  • Tiles, cabinets, bathtubs, drywall (with proper certification), flooring, etc.
  • Scrap wood, plaster, paint buckets, tools, etc.
  • Making room for construction waste bins
  • Renovation material pick up

See the full list here!

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