Make your space usable again with commercial junk removal in Vancouver. Our crew will professionally clear out your office, warehouse, strata, community center or church building’s rubbish.

We also help with junk removal for grocery stores, retail environments, hotels, restaurants, schools and any commercial or operational space.

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When your organization gets busy, it’s hard to find time to know what to do with your old, unwanted stuff. Often, it can get piled up in a ‘throwaway’ storage room. Or, it can start taking up space near your dumpster.

Since public garbage collection won’t remove all of your waste, and since you may not have large trucks to haul your junk to the Vancouver transfer station, we can do that for you.

We’ll save you time, effort, and the hassle of DIY commercial junk removal in Vancouver.

Not only that, we have the trucks and equipment to perform commercial junk removal especially well. Our trucks are high enough to drive up to your loading dock. If you don’t have a loading dock, that’s ok. Our crew is trained to make sure you don’t lift a finger: we will pick-up all your junk for you, no matter where it’s located on your property.

We provide commercial junk removal in many Metro Vancouver cities including: Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, City of Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and nearby areas.

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Junk Rangers’ scaled trucks service the following areas:

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Go with the commercial junk removal prices you can trust: we bill by weight, not by space, often saving you money

As a business or nonprofit, you’re always looking at the bottom line. We get that. That’s one of the reasons we use a weight-based billing system for our commercial and office junk removal services. The other reason is that we believe it is a fair – and much more accurate – way of coming up with junk removal prices in Vancouver.

The way it works is that our trucks come with government-certified scales. That’s right – the scale is on the truck. We don’t have to take your junk to a scaling station after we pick it up. That means you can see what your junk weighs on the truck, as it’s being piled up.

Plus, you know you can trust the scale because it has a government-approved seal on it. In other words, it would be illegal for us to lie, or use an uncalibrated scale to charge you for our services.

Many commercial junk removal companies in Vancouver charge based on space that’s taken up in their trucks. But this can be misleading, since ‘boxy’ items will naturally take up more space. Then, someone has to ‘eyeball’ the truck to come up with a ballpark price point. That leaves too much to dispute, in our opinion.

With weight-based billing, you know exactly how much you’re throwing away, and exactly what it will cost.

Your junk may not weigh as much as you think

Your rubbish may look heavy because of its size, but in fact, many things are lighter than you think. For example, given our 300 lb minimum pick up fee, that’s about 6-10 luxury office chairs. Or, you can think of it as roughly 3-4, full-size, 4-drawer metal filing cabinets.

For a free general estimate to remove your commercial waste, give us a call at 1-855-972-7888

Click here to see our junk removal prices for office furniture removal, large garbage pickup and more.

Pay for junk removal with these convenient options:

To make things easy for you, we accept cash or on-site credit card payments with our wireless terminal.

We can also give you an invoice for your accounts receivable department.

Put our junk removal services to good use, while saving yourself valuable time

When you have an operation to run, your time is likely better spent on things other than junk removal. A Vancouver junk removal company like ours does more than just pile rubbish in a truck for you. We go the extra mile by helping you with the following tasks:

  • Breaking down unwanted furniture and other junk, to make more space in the truck for large garbage pickup.
  • Moving things out of the way, putting them back, and so on – all without interrupting your day, your workers or your customers.
  • Moving junk up and down stairs or elevators. This includes heavy items or very dirty items!
  • Bringing enough trucks and staff to your site, so the job can be done in as few trips as possible.
  • Sorting through your rubbish to find what can be recycled or donated to charity, and then making sure to take them to the right places afterward.
  • Cleaning up after ourselves when we’re done with junk hauling.

Plus, we do it all quickly and safely, with the right gear and tools for the job. We’re also uniformed and well-groomed, so your environment stays professional-looking.

We are covered by WCB and insured as well. This means you don’t have to worry about lawsuits from injury, nor damage to your property.

And YES! We do same day junk removal! Call us to schedule: 1-855-972-7888


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Get rid of it all at once: our commercial junk removal in Vancouver includes the following items:

  • Cabinets and shelving
  • TV disposal, plus old computers, printers, photocopiers, projectors, electronics or technological equipment (e-waste removal)
  • Whiteboards, chalkboards, screens, easels
  • Old office furniture removal – desks, boardroom tables, broken swivel chairs, etc.
  • Paper and cardboard flattening and recycling
  • Microwaves, coffee machines and small appliances in staff rooms
  • Wood pallets or shipping material
  • Office dividers and workstations
  • Cutting boards, pots, utensils and other cooking or kitchenware
  • Commercial grade cooktops, ovens, dishwashers and other kitchen appliance removal
  • Treadmill removal and old exercise equipment
  • Water cooler removal
  • Old coin-operated washers and dryers in apartment buildings
  • Vending machines

And more!

*Please note we can not dispose of food items for you.

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