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We’ll be posting tips for the home, and other things that relate to things we see while doing junk removal as a company

The sunk cost fallacy and household junk: how the principle can change your junk-collecting habits

In economics, there is the idea of the “sunk cost fallacy.” The phrase refers to investments you’ve made that are now nothing but loss - in other words, a waste. You won’t get it back. The fallacy is the mistruth that you should keep investing in those things, or keep them around, so that you [...]

Kitchen renovation junk you can re-use, or make money from

If you’re planning your kitchen renovation, put a hold on the sledgehammer. There is kitchen renovation junk you can re-use, or make money from. While the satisfaction of demolishing your old kitchen may be a long-awaited delight, you may want to do it a little more carefully, so you can resell or upcycle parts of [...]

Making use of upcycled materials in your outdoor space (some call it junk gardening)

Gardens are sometimes the best place to upcycle your junk. Sure, there is garden compost, which gives a ‘gift’ back to the earth, and pays you back with excellent soil. But you’d be surprised how nice an eclectic-looking outdoor space can look when it uses junk gardening ideas. This is especially when it costs so [...]